{Hog Wild Mud Run: 18 Holes of Hell}

To anyone skeptical that an obstacle race could not be successfully held on a golf course, Hog Wild Mud Run has proved you wrong.

Hosted at the Quail Hollow Golf Club in Wesley Chapel, FL, Hog Wild Mud Run created a challenging course that wound in and out of all 18 holes of the beautiful golf course. But although this was not your typical mud run, hosted in the customary backwoods venue, this race still produced a race that gave participants a unique and fresh take on the increasingly popular sport of obstacle racing.

As mud runs saturate the market in increasing numbers, it’s great to have the opportunity to experience a new twist on a tried and true series of obstacles. The rolling grounds of the greens created a beautiful backdrop as racers surged forward scaling walls, clamoring over bridges, heaving sandbags over their shoulders, dragging tires, splashing through ponds, and pushing on as the heat and humidity climbed throughout the day.


Not only did I truly enjoy running this race, but I was thrilled by the results of the day as well. Having not run an obstacle race competitively since March, I decided that this race was one I’d run in hopes of a top 3 age group finish. I desperately wanted to have the opportunity to finally step on stage and accept an award for a well earned top position.

I had trained hard during the weeks approaching the race, and arrived the morning of feeling confident and excited to compete. As the participants of the elite wave gathered we glanced around, sizing up our competition before taking of in a burst of energy, ready to take on the unknown course.


As the oppressive heat of the day grew, we raced, pushing our bodies on in the hopes of a finish that we could be proud of. The course was flat and scenic, the obstacle challenging yet not too difficult to complete alone (outside of one insane Ninja Warrior style obstacle that was essentially impossible to complete, I opted for the 20 burpee penalty instead). And finally, after nearly 4.5 miles, I crossed the finish line, exhausted yet ecstatic with a race well run.

Shortly after finishing I found out that I had placed 19th overall, 4th overall female, and 1st in my age group! What an amazing, exhilarating feeling! It truly made me feel like my training has paid off, has been so wonderfully worth it, and helps to really establish me as a legitimate obstacle racer that truly is a contender against other females involved in the sport.


Following the race, I had the pleasure of joining my husband, along with several friends, as he embarked on his first ever mud run! I ran alongside him for the first couple of miles before sending him and the group off to finish the course together as a team. I’m so happy that he not only completed this race, but enjoyed it enough to sign up for another OCR coming up in October!

Post race, runners were treated to free food, a variety of adult beverages, and a fantastic pool party complete with karaoke! The pool felt amazing, and was a perfect way to celebrate with fellow racers!

And I finally got to walk on stage and collect a well deserved medal. Not a bad way to end the day if I say so myself!

I have to say I’m a big fan of the Hog Wild Mud Run series, and am looking forward to running their next race in September! Their upcoming event not only hosts a kids race, but unlimited food and beverages for all participants and spectators, as well as free photos! A great deal and a great race! If you are a Florida resident, check them out! You won’t regret it.




5 thoughts on “{Hog Wild Mud Run: 18 Holes of Hell}

  1. Holly, that was an awesome write-up and I’m glad you enjoyed 18 holes of hell! We will see you in September.


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