{Heading To Ohio: An Exciting Opportunity!}


I never in a million years thought I would be excited to take a trip to the state of Ohio. Not that it’s a bad place by any means, but having been raised in the Midwest (Michigan to be exact), I happily relocated south to the beautiful (And sunny! And warm!) state of Florida almost 7 years ago and never looked back.

But, at this moment in time, I am extremely excited to go to Ohio.

Late last week I was contacted by Matt B Davis of Obstacle Racing Media about an opportunity to participate in the inaugural Mud, Guts, & Glory race in Oregonia, Ohio. The race defines itself as an intense challenge that will provide you with a sense of “Beautiful Agony” as you conquer 5 miles, 1,200 feet of elevation change, and 28 obstacles.

Not only that, but the race will also be welcoming Spike TV, who will be filming an episode of their show Playbook 360 hosted by former Bengals linebacker Dhani Jones.

Obstacle racing is about to finally be televised. It’s about time.

With the announcement of the race being highlighted on Playbook 360, those leading the Mud, Guts, & Glory event decided to build a small team of racers to represent their event while Spike TV documents the great sport of obstacle racing. So Matt had contacted me to tell me I was in the running to join that team.

Seriously? Me? In a big world that seems filled with elite athletes, I feel like David standing in Goliath’s shadow. It blew my mind that I may be given such a wonderful opportunity over so many others. But you better believe I jumped at the chance and wholeheartedly replied “YES! If they ask me, I’ll do it!”

Then Friday afternoon, I received a brief, yet thrilling message, “You’re in!”

So fast forward to today. Flights are now booked, lodging is confirmed, and thanks to the wonderful race coordinators I will officially be heading north on August 30th to spend a whirlwind weekend racing, making amazing memories, and doing my best to represent well a sport that I have become so passionate about.

Mud, Guts, & Glory has put together a great team that I am thrilled to have the opportunity to race with. Although, let’s be honest, these badasses are going to smoke me! I’m just excited to get to race with the following fantastic athletes: I’ll be joined by the likes of Heather Ganoe of Relentless Forward Commotion, Dan Krueger and Brad Kloha of Run To Remember, and of course, Matt B Davis of Obstacle Racing Media.

We have been graciously been provided with airfare and cabin lodging at the race site, and the accommodations look wonderful! This is going to be such a great experience, and to be given the opportunity to be a part of it is such a thrill!

So… 18 days till I pack up and head north! Looking forward to another great adventure!

Ohio here I come!!



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