{My Handana Giveaway!}

It’s time for a giveaway!

I was recently given the awesome opportunity to test out a great product that I’ve been wanting to try out for quite a while. With how hot and humid it is in Florida, I sweat a LOT when I run, and I’ve taken up the habit of wearing a sweat band on my arm to wick the sweat off of my face as I run. I had seen the Handana on a fellow blogger’s post a while back, and instantly wanted to give it a try. This product is a smartly designed sweat band that wraps around your left hand, making for extremely easy sweat management during any hard workout! No more worry of sweat dripping in your eyes, and no more wrestling a sweat band off of your wrist or forearm to wipe your forehead!


When I first received the product to test out, I was concerned that wearing the band on my hand would bother me, and for the first quarter to half mile of wearing it, I definitely noticed it. Cue the humidity. I quickly realized that the Handana was most likely going to become my new best friend while out running. It worked great! I’ve now had the chance to run with it a few times, and I absolutely love it!

Well, not only were the kind folks at Handana gracious enough to allow me to test out their product, but they also are going to let me give one away! There are so many fun colors to choose from, and I’m excited to provide one lucky reader with an accessory I now feel is a must for hot and sweaty workouts!

How do you enter/? Simply click the Rafflecopter link below and you’ll be shown how you can enter to win!

The contest ends next Wednesday. Best of luck!

Handana Giveaway through Rafflecopter: Click Here!!


5 thoughts on “{My Handana Giveaway!}

  1. This would be awesome to try because I’m training for my first half in November and other races before then. Oh and I live in FL, anything to help with all this sweat could help


  2. This would be amazing for not only those long runs but long ruck marches in full gear! I wear contacts so sweat definitely becomes a problem! I hope I win one, but if not I totally can’t wait to try one.


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