{Life’s A Beach Triathlon}

Guess what? I’m officially a triathlete!

Pretty cool huh?

I swam, I biked, I ran… and I earned my title as a triathlete! Not only that, but while completing my very first triathlon I had the pleasure of experiencing it with my family and was also able to help my husband receive the coveted award of “Top Slacker”!

Confused yet? Don’t be! I earned the title of “Triathlete” in one of the most fun ways possible, by participating in the most laid back Tri out there, Life’s A Beach Triathlon.


Hosting a totally rad surfer-dude beach vibe, Life’s A Beach not only rewards the “top dude and dudette” of the event, but they also make a point to recognize (and celebrate!) the biggest “slacker” of each age group and overall. They are all about having fun while getting your exercise, and encourage fun costumes, bike decorations, floaties, kick boards, and a totally laid-back bodacious vibe. You even finish the race by completing a limbo across the finish line!


This race was particularly fantastic due to the fact that it is incredibly family friendly, and I had a blast completing the race with my husband and son! The event offers a free kids race, and kids 9 and over are able to compete in the standard event.  We had asked prior about bringing Mason with, and they graciously agreed to allow him to come with us!  We thoroughly enjoyed the event by kicking back, taking a relaxed pace, and completing the race together at the beautiful beach setting.

Now my husband does not typically participate with me at races , but the moment he heard about the slacker awards at this particular race he was determined to earn one. And who am I to hold the man back? He supports me in the races I run competitively, so it’s only fair that I supported him in his quest of earning the extraordinary title of “biggest slacker”.  Knowing we were going to be taking Mason with us, we figured we’d be taking a very laid back approach anyway, so we figured earning this title would not be too difficult.

We booked a hotel for the night prior to the race, and planned on a fun weekend getaway in a beachy paradise. Granted, we are fortunate to live about 20 minutes from beautiful gulf beaches, but we still love an excuse to have a mini-vacay at the beach, and this was the perfect opportunity.


We arrived Friday evening for packet pickup, and I must say that from the moment we arrived to pickup our packets to the time we dropped off out bikes and other race related items in transition the next morning, everything was organized and ran seamlessly. I was impressed with how well coordinated this event was, and we were able to simply enjoy our time and remain excited about the race instead of stress about the details and coordination of maneuvering our family through the race experience.

This race truly felt like a vacation! We had decided prior to the event to dress as a family of super heroes, Adam as Captain America, Mason as Spider-Man, and I was Wonder Woman. We rose early Saturday morning, donned our super attire, and hit the beach to enjoy the early morning breeze and lapping of the water as we waited our turn to begin the race. We had selected a hotel within walking distance on the beach, although the race did offer a host hotel at a great race for event participants.


When our wave time arrived, we decided to begin at the back of our wave so as to avoid Mason getting run over. We were sent off in a flourish, and as everyone splashed excitedly into the water on we happily donned our silly inter-tubes and, with Mason in tow, leisurely swam the 200 yards out and back to the beach. We were then directed to a low crawl under nets and into transition to begin the bike portion of the race.

The bike course consisted of a two and a half mile route that was to be completed twice before we continued on to the running portion of the race. Most participants, including myself, mounted beach cruisers and took a fairly relaxed pace as we rode parallel to the beach. The final portion of the route took us out on a trail and then out onto the soft sand of the beach. We decided to hook a trailer behind Adam’s bike instead of having him ride his own for the full five miles, and this ended up working great for us! I’m not sure Mason would have lasted the full five miles of the bike course, and the trailer gave him a comfortable ride as we pursued our next transition.

Once both laps on the bike were completed, it was time to take on the two mile run. This route also consisted of a loop that was to be completed twice, a half mile out and back each time with a few obstacles sprinkled in. We honestly thought Mason may start trying to throw in the towel at this point, but he happily splashed through the waves as we made our way through the final portion of the race.


Once we received our medals we enjoyed our time post-race poolside, and hung around to see if Adam had scored his coveted “Top Slacker” title. And happily, although he was not the biggest slacker of them all, he did finish last in his age group and scored an awesome yellow headband displaying his new title. “Top Slacker.”


For my first triathlon, this was a great event to try out! It’s a lighthearted, no-pressure event that celebrates not only the fasted, but the slowest participants as well! The race directors have created this event to get people outdoors to enjoy the sunshine, the beach, and a no-stress race that will ignite a love for the triathlon sport.

My family and I had a blast taking on this laid back beach race. It was well organized, a lot of fun, and a great way to spend a day together!

We loved it, and hope to do it again next year! Definitely a must-do, and be sure to get your family involved!



2 thoughts on “{Life’s A Beach Triathlon}

  1. Thank you for posting this review. I’m doing this Tri at Daytona next weekend & I’m most nervous about the swim portion since I’m not a big ocean person. I got an Avengers boogie board so I’m counting on those super-heroes will keep me afloat. Biking isn’t my thing either but I found a $20 mountain bike at a pawn shop that should work. I only killed one shrub when I was learning how to ride again. I’m a runner who does all of the Disney races but since I’ve never run on sand, that will be new as well. Once I survive the Tri, I travel to Disney to run the 10-Mile race that night. I’m calling it my DD Challenge (Disney-Daytona). I’m still nervous but your account gives me hope that I’ll get through this 🙂


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