{Mud Endeavor}

I love Mud Endeavor.

But seriously.

I really love Mud Endeavor.

The elevation change. The obstacles. The challenge. The organization. The entertainment. All of it.

I love it.

So does that about cover it? Is my recap done? That was easy… 🙂

Okay okay, I’ll divulge. I recently ran my 3rd, but definitely not my final, Mud Endeavor event. I have thoroughly enjoyed each one that I’ve had the pleasure of running, and I’m planning to attend as many as I can next year (they currently have 6 events planned for 2014!).

At Mud Endeavor you’ll encounter the most elevation change that you can possibly find in any Florida race. Typically hosted at motor cross and dirt bike fields, the constant onslaught of hills make for a perfect challenge for racers of all caliber, as participants are made to traverse up and down the muddy landscape countless times over the 3.5 mile course. The mucky landscape is unforgiving, as the shoe hungry mud will eagerly devour the shoe of any unsuspecting participant, and its inclines challenge even the most seasoned runner.

That’s the great thing about the Mud Endeavor races. Elite athletes are able to run hard, push themselves, and be challenged by the terrain and obstacles, never left to finish wishing they had been giving more to work with. Yet the first time runner can participate in this event and not feel as though it’s too difficult. They can have fun and play in the mud, satisfied with their accomplishment at the finish.

Obstacles are built with every participant in mind, as many obstacles offer a difficult side for the participant looking to be challenged, as well as an easier side for those needing a bit more assistance.

This past Mud Endeavor I was able to experience the best of both worlds. I had the pleasure of running in the very first wave of the day, joining what’s typically the most competitive group of the day. I pushed myself throughout the course as I sought after a top finish. I then joined my husband and several friends after completing the first wave and we embarked onto the course for a romp through the mud, laughing, playing, and having a blast in a non-competitive, just-for-fun lap.



This specific Mud Endeavor was especially unique since obstacle racing legend Hobie Call of the much anticipated Extreme Nation obstacle race, an event which promises the allure of $40,000 in cash prizes and the most challenging, yet spectator friendly obstacle race to-date, was also in attendance.

Hobie played out on the course, encouraging racers and testing out a few of the obstacles, as he checked out one of Florida’s favorite obstacle races. It was great to meet him, and see him playing in the local mud that I’ve come to love so much.


At Mud Endeavor you’ll encounter hills, tunnels, walls, monkey bars, tons and tons of thick, sloppy mud, and everyone’s favorite, slides! They really do have the best slides, and they have become a fan favorite at these races. The slides are long, steep, fast, and super fun! They make climbing the hills so worth it to have a few moments of feeling like a kid again as you gleefully careen down the slick tarp toward the base of the hill.

Another thing I must say about the Mud Endeavor events is that they run seamlessly. From packet pickup, to the well laid out spectator area, to the DJs pumping music from mid-course throughout to day, to the showers (with shampoo & conditioner provided!). I have yet to attend one of the Mud Endeavor events that had had any noticeable hiccups when it comes to organization. These events run so smoothly, and make the enjoyment of the day that much better.


So have I convinced you yet? I hope so! Randy, head of Mud Endeavor isn’t stopping anytime soon, and plans to extend his reach next year. I highly recommend checking out one of his events, you won’t be disappointed.

I know I’ll be attending as many of the Mud Endeavor events as I can in the future. These quality events will keep me coming back as long as there are Mud Endeavor races to attend.


Oh, and did I forget to mention that I finished as 3rd place overall female, 2nd in age group, & 25th overall of nearly 800 timed runners?!? Can’t complain about that!!


2 thoughts on “{Mud Endeavor}

  1. Hey Muddy Mommy! We’re in Brooksville too with Baddest Mudrun =) We’re trying to promote our events, much like Mud Endeavor, and I just gotta say, if you love Mud Endeavor, you’ll love us too! We’re also in the process of setting up a FREE boot camp for mud runners to train and prep for their next run. If you want, feel free to check us out too =) http://www.baddestmudrun.com Hope to at least hear from you and maybe see you at the boot camp even if you’re going to be training for your next Mud Endeavor.


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