{Romp In The Swamp: A Brief Review}

Although I didn’t run Romp In The Swamp competitively this past weekend, I was pleasantly surprised when I was still able to challenge myself in ways I didn’t anticipate.

Despite walking the majority of the 3.7 mile course with my husband and a couple of friends, many of the obstacles present at Romp In The Swamp offered the chance to really test your upper body strength. Enough so that I ended up coming away from this race very pleased with my performance.

There were monkey bars, but not just any monkey bars, these bars rotated, and were at varying heights and distances. Despite initial doubts, and after watching several people fail, I took on the bars myself and was thrilled to complete them in their entirety!


In the woods we encountered rope ladders as well as a rope climb. Nailed both of them! I even rang the bell as obnoxiously as possible at the top of one of them. Couldn’t help myself.

I flipped a giant tractor tire. Now this may not sound that exciting, but upon arriving to the tire flipping challenge I found an average size tire and flipped it several times as required. Then my eyes laid rest on a massive tractor tire that seemed to be taunting me to attempt flipping it, and although it was fairly thin, I knew this tire would not be an easy feat. Giving it my all, I struggled a bit to lift it past shoulder height, but after a few moments was able to successfully flip that bad boy over. Not gonna lie, I felt pretty badass.

As we approached the end of the course we were faced with a nearly impossible traverse wall. This one was tough! The pegs were small and quite far from each other, making maneuvering your hands and feet successfully across the wall very difficult. Despite not making it all the way, I fell off only one peg away from completion. With how difficult the wall was, I considered this a success.

A few fun automated obstacles at the end made for a great way to finish up the race. A large inclined treadmill-style obstacle made participants approach the belt at full speed, hoping and praying they’d keep their balance as they’d careen upwards toward the ending platform.


Then the favorite, the Alligator Death Roll, a series of 4 pipes set on wheels which spun the tubes as participants crawled through, flipping them around as though we were in a dryer. This obstacle was so much fun that some participants went back around for a second try (my hubby included)!


So despite not actually running this event, I still felt challenged by many of the obstacles! I came away happy with how my upper body and grip strength has been improving, and felt like I had gotten a really fun, yet challenging workout in. To be honest I wasn’t expecting much of a challenge so was pleasantly surprised by this event.

It was great to participate with my husband, and also to be a part of the “Wedding Wave” (several couples renewed their vows & then ran the race in their wedding dresses/suits!) with my MudRunFun family. This was a great race to finish off a very busy couple of months of racing!


I now have a couple of weeks off to spend with family and continue training. I will get back to racing in mid-November with a couple of super fun events! In the meantime, stay tuned! I have a Spartan Race entry to give away very soon!!



3 thoughts on “{Romp In The Swamp: A Brief Review}

  1. The Alligator Death Roll and the treadmill thing so very interesting. Definitely different from other races! Good job on the monkey bars! I would have never made it across!!


  2. This was a great event! I must say I did not think the motorized obstacles would be so dang cool! Only thing that stinks…. NO BODY ELSE HAS THEM AND NOW WE HAVE TO WAIT UNTIL THE NEXT ONE! MUDRUNFUN will see you there!


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