{Mustache Dache}

The last couple of years has brought about an explosion of many different fun, happy-go-lucky, themed 5K races.  Offering anything from being covered head to toe in colored corn starch, to evening races that litter the streets with participants decked out in glow sticks, to events where volunteers made up as zombies chase after you, there’s pretty much something out there for everyone.  These themed races have attracted hundreds of thousands of runners and non-runners alike, appealing to people of all physical ability as a fun way to get out and get some exercise while also being a part of an event that is both unique and memorable.

The Mustache Dache popped up this year as a November-only 5K which celebrates Movember, an organization that is committed to raising awareness for men’s health with regards to prostate and testicular cancer by encouraging men not to shave through the entire month of November.  The Dache will be hosted in 9 cities across the nation this November, and encourages all participants, both male and female,  to don a mustache and run their 5K to help raise funds for the Movember movement.

The race, hosted at the SPA Beach Park in downtown St Petersburg, was extremely well organized.  Everything detail was well thought out, from the great mustache finisher medal, to the unique, memorable racing bib, as well as the fact that they offered men and women fit participant t-shirts instead of the typical one-size-fits-all shirts most races provide.  Post race we were treated to a great festival area complete with a mustache station where those with no facial hair could draw a mustache on if they were so inclined, a photo booth area with fun props and a giant mustache to pose with, and a beer garden offering Sea Dog and Shipyard beer (each participant who is of age receives 2 free beers, and offering craft beer instead of cheap light beer is pretty fantastic!).  The chip timing system was incredible! Runners could instantly search for final results upon finishing the race on several computers that were present, and not only that, but we could then print a receipt that listed our name, bib number, final time and overall placing.  I thought this was awesome!  Runners always want final results as quickly as possible, and this provided the instant gratification we wish we could have at every race!  Overall this event race offered a fun vibe, operated seamlessly, and was a lot of fun!


The only thing that posed a minor inconvenience was that the course consisted of a loop that had to be completed twice to finish, which created an awkward situation because faster runners ended up lapping the participants at the end.  This made for a circumstance where those running for time ended up having to weave in and out of large groups of walkers.  If the race plans to continue having multiple loops in the future, an announcement to walkers to stay to a specific side of the road may make for a smoother race experience for all.

All-in-all Mustache Dache was great!  The weather was perfect, the location right on the water was gorgeous, and those heading up the race really hit a home run with a well organized, super fun event.  I hope they return next November, and if they do, I’ll plan to be there!


One final thing.  I had originally intended to run this race for fun with several friends, but it was decided last minute to go ahead and race for time.  I had not brought my head phones or phone case, so without music or GPS I headed out into this race hoping to pace with surrounding runners.  Well it paid off, I finished with a time of 23:36!  This was a huge PR for me, almost a full minute and a half faster than my most recent PR!  Achieving this personal best made a great day even that much better!

Mustache Dache is currently traveling the country, with several stops each weekend throughout the rest of the month.  If this event is coming your way, sign up now!  It’s a blast and supports a great cause.  Check it out!




2 thoughts on “{Mustache Dache}

  1. I read about this race but it was too late for me to adjust my schedule to go….plus the drive…..but it looked like it would be fun and I love the mustache medals!! Maybe next year if I know about it sooner!!!


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