{Impromptu Half Marathon}

I’m running a half marathon on Sunday.

13.1 miles. Thirteen point one.

I didn’t plan on it.  I haven’t specifically trained for it.  But I’m running it.  And I’m EXCITED!

I’ve only actually run one half marathon before, and after a brief conversation with Mindy, a friend who is also the writer of Mindy’s Fitness Journey, earlier this week, I didn’t even think twice and eagerly accepted the chance to run another.

Now, many people may think that deciding to run 13.1 miles 6 days prior to the actual event is crazy, but in my mind, I’ve been training for events like this for 2 years now.  Not specifically for half marathons, but I’ve been conditioning myself for all different sorts of challenges.  I’ve taken on races of all lengths and difficulties, of all styles and genres.

While out for my morning run this morning, I took the time to wrap my head around the fact that I have a big event suddenly coming my way very quickly. 13.1 miles is nothing to sneeze at, and most people take weeks, well, perhaps usually months, to train for such an event. So I know better than to take this coming weekend lightly.  It’s a long run.  One that is a huge accomplishment.  One that many will never even bother to try.  So how do I flippantly accept an entry to such a commitment just days prior to the event?

I break it down.  I don’t focus on the mileage.  I think of the time.  2 hours.  2 hours of running. No obstacles. No burpees. No rope climbs.  Just running.  2 hours of straight running.

The longest events I’ve participated in thus far have been upwards of 5+ hours.  So 2 hours?  I’ve got this.

So instead of worrying about miles logged, and if I’ve trained enough, or at what pace I can run 13.1 miles in, I’ll focus on 2 hours.  Just keep going for 2 hours.  Keep running, keep pushing, and cross that finish line.  Collect a fantastic medal. Be proud.

Then go home and ice my knees, eat a cheese steak, and watch some football.

Sounds pretty fantastic to me! 🙂

Looking forward to my 2nd official 13.1.  See you on the other side!




2 thoughts on “{Impromptu Half Marathon}

  1. I’m running this race too this weekend. Between being sick and back to school hecticness my training was pretty non existent. Good luck this weekend!


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