{Superhero Scramble}

I’ve had my eye on Superhero Scramble for a while now, and recently was finally able to take on this larger-than-life, hero-themed race series. For months I had anticipated this race, knowing that this is an event which stands out in an over-saturated market as one of the more well-known, quality OCRs.  It offers competitive, challenging, and well constructed obstacles. A lively post-race festival. A super fun, super muddy kids race. And it even promises monetary rewards to the select few who are able to surge ahead and finish first.  This was a race I knew I had to try.

Race day arrived, and as we approached the venue in the remote town of Waldo, FL, I was quick to notice that Superhero may take some pointers from it’s OCR cousin, Spartan Race, with regards to its obstacles and layout.  How you ask?  Well, one thing that seasoned OCRs have learned is that presentation is everything.  From the moment a participant or spectator arrives, you want to visually wow them!  The greater the awe, and the grander the entrance, the better likelihood of hooking a fan for life (in my humble opinion).  Humans are very visual creatures, and if we are greeted with an intimidating, yet inspiring vision of massive obstacles and gnarly terrain, the instant mixture of excitement, dread, and anticipation will burn a lasting image into the participant’s mind.

Well wowed we were.  From the main road we could see the massive cargo net which spanned over the ever-daunting rope climb.  We turned in, and our vehicle was immediately directed under a massive obstacle which consisted of multiple shipping containers stacked on top of each other,  several ladders stretched to the top of the structure on one side, and hay bales meant for the racer’s decent were stacked on the other.  We parked, and were pleased to see that many of the main obstacles were easily accessible for spectators to view, and a bustling festival area located in the center of the action made for a great place for racers and spectators alike to celebrate post-race while also looking on as those still tackling the course took on obstacles in close proximity.


I was thrilled to run Superhero Scramble.  Heck, I made my family wake up insanely early and trek 2 1/2 hours north so I could run it.  But I have to say that I had a love/hate relationship with the course itself… well, maybe not hate, perhaps “slightly dislike” is the best word to use as a description of the course.  I loved the obstacles, they were awesome!  They were challenging, well built, and promised the penalty of 10 burpees and 10 super spins (place your forehead on a long stick and spin 10 times before continuing, blarch!) if not completed.  I was challenged by the foreboding knowledge that I would have to jump from 15 feet into water (I’m such a baby when it comes to this!), I knew the rope climb would test my already tired body once encountered, and the insanely steep slide at the end was guaranteed to freak out even the most seasoned OCR racer.

So what was there to dislike you ask?  Well, the only problem with this event was that, of the 5+ mile course that was presented to us, the first 3 miles were mostly running.  This meant that for the participants who were not particular fans of running, and in it more for the experience of the obstacles, they did not get to the “fun stuff” till the race was practically over.  I’m assuming that the majority of the obstacles were piled into the final 2 miles to allow for viewing accessibility for spectators, but had they been spread out a bit more over the entire course, I believe that it would have escalated the race (in my mind) from a good race, to a great race.


With that said, I really enjoyed my time spent at Superhero Scramble.  I challenged myself, ran hard, and finished strong, ending up 10th place overall female in the elite wave.  I attempted all obstacles, and was very proud of myself as I successfully completed all obstacles but one.  I managed to climb and 8 foot wall with no assistance (!!!), conquered the rope climb, pushed my limits, submerged myself into an freezing ice filled puddle, and grossed myself out in the thick green slime provided at the end of the race.  I even leapt from that dang 15 foot jump without hesitation (although the photo captured of me are quite hilarious as my eyes are pinched tightly shut and I look as though I’m bracing for a terrible fate).  I had fun, and I was proud of my performance.

I climbed the wall!

I climbed the wall!


Jumping fire!

Jumping fire!

Crazy difficult wall climb!

Crazy difficult wall climb!

Post race I joined Mason for the Super Kids Race. He had a blast!  The kids obstacles were fun, not too challenging, but not too easy either.  This resulted in a happy group of kids who laughed, played, and showed their true grit as they traversed through the course.  I kept at a distance for most of the race, as Mason had decided that he wanted to run this one on his own.  He did great!  And was so pleased when he was presented with his medal and shirt at the finish.  The kids shirt is awesome!  The back displays a superhero cape, and it’s now Mason’s favorite shirt, hands down (I’m required to wash it often so he can re-wear it again).

Taking on the kids course

Taking on the kids course

I’m happy to say that I’ve completed a Superhero Scramble, and do hope to run another one in the future.  I had a lot of fun! I was also able to test out my new Salomon Fellraiser’s on this course, and will be reviewing them very soon.

I’ve got lots of great posts coming up, so tune in!  In the meantime, have a very happy Thanksgiving!




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