{Triple Race Challenge Part 2: Mud Titan}

With the success of Pretty Muddy still freshly earned, we left the the festival area and headed back out on the road, making our way to the next event of the day, Mud Titan.

Now Mud Titan is the type of event that a true mud runner really loves!  Situated in the heart of the countryside, this 5K traversed deep into the woods and swampy marshlands of central Florida.  The course spanned gnarly wooded trails, lead us through sloppy, mud-filled trenches, and maneuvered us over dirt hills, through lakes, and over a multitude of challenging obstacles.

Having run my heart out at Pretty Muddy, I arrived mid-morning at Mud Titan with the opposite plan.  This one, I was running for the pure joy of mud running.  I met up with a few friends just minutes before our wave began, and we took off under the Start line, eager to spend the next hour playing in the mud and cheering my fellow running friends through each obstacle.

Despite taking a relaxed pace through this race, I was impressed with how challenging the obstacles were! Most notable were a two inverted ladders, formed in the shape of a pyramid.  Each racer was to climb up the backside of one, grab a ring at the top, swing their body over and catch their feet on a rung on the opposite side, and then climb their way down.  I was happy to complete this obstacle, but definitely know I can attribute some of my sore muscles the following day to this particular obstacle.

We also encountered monkey bars, a tire drag (I carried mine, WAY easier in my opinion), a log carry, a tyrolean traverse (super tough if you do it without dragging your lower half in the water.  Not familiar? Check out what it is here.), a rope climb, and several other stellar obstacles.  Failed obstacles were punishable by anything from burpees, to push-ups, to jumping jacks. Mud Titan also used the murky Florida terrain to its advantage, and we plunged through many lakes, ponds, puddles, and nasty smelling mud throughout the course.


My favorite part of the course, hands down, was a series of tall dirt hills that we scaled to the top to then be greeted by steep slides in which we rode gleefully down the backside into pools of water. There were 3-4 total, and they were a blast!! It was such a fun way to break up the difficulty of the obstacles with a fun & exhilarating section of the race.

We had a lot of fun laughing, enjoying the outdoors, and challenging ourselves throughout the race. It was great to experience this event with friends, and we finished happily accepting our medals for a race well run. And despite not running competitively, I still walked away from this race feeling as though I’d been given a good challenge.

Mud Titan offers competitive, timed waves, non-timed waves, and a kids race as well! The while family can get involved in any capacity and enjoy a fun day out in the mud. (Check out their next event, Mud Slayers! “muddymommydiscount” saves 25%).

One final great feature that this event offers at the time of registering is t-shirt upgrades. For a small fee registrants can elect to upgrade to a different style shirt (tank top, etc). I thought this was a really innovative idea, as this is the first that I’ve encountered this so far in my racing experience.

So with Mud Titan complete it was time to head home, clean up, rest, and then prepare for race #3! The Ugly Sweater 5K, put on by Hog Wild Mud Run was up next. More on that next post!




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