{Let’s Get Cranky!}

Virtual races have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. They offer the ease of running on your own schedule, while also providing the award of a finisher medal for your own personal accomplishment. A virtual race can give training runs a fun, competitive edge, keeping things exciting and helping runners maintain motivation.

Obstacle Racing Media recently announced their own virtual race, based around none other than their brutally honest, and quite opinionated columnist, the Cranky Bastard.

Cranky likes to make light of the subjects in obstacle racing that particularly irritate him/her. In the words of ORM,

“Cranky Bastard articles are full of arrogance, elitist, prima Donna attitude, but hopefully, plenty of points to make those in our community think, and perhaps drive change where change is needed.”

With that said, the Cranky bastard virtual race sounded like a lot of fun! Created with the challenge to prove that obstacle racers train just as much (if not more!) than “real” runners, participants are able to select their preferred race distance (5 or 10K), and then get to racing! Once signed up, runners can submit their times (up to 5 submissions allowed) on the ORM website, talk some trash, and watch as others OCR runners join in the fun!

I selected the 10K, & will be getting out for my first run for the virtual race tomorrow! The event lasts till January 31st, so I plan to run at least one 10K per week till the race is finished. I’ll be posting my times, & I hope to see some of you posting as well!

What’s in it for you? Well don’t get cranky! For just a $25 registration fee, not only do participants get an awesome Cranky Bastard medal, but age group, overall, & most improved awards will be given as well once the race has concluded!

So what are you waiting for!? This is a virtual race that not only offers a fun personal challenge, but also creates a great competition with fellow racers, all at the leisure of your own schedule! You’ve got more than a month to put up some great numbers, and is a great way to start the new year strong!

Sign up today! Check out obstacleracingmedia.com for more info!

Happy racing cranky friends!


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