{Product Review: Salomon Fellraiser Trail Shoe}

Just a few months back, while slipping and sliding through an awesomely muddy course with a few friends, I made the comment that I really needed to invest in a good pair of trail shoes.  As much as I love my Mizuno Wave Rider‘s for training and road races, they just don’t provide the grip that I’d like to have when tackling slick hills and slippery, wet obstacles. I needed something that was made for mud, that would give me the traction I needed while out on the course; It was time to make a change in footwear.

The mud running shoe genie must have heard my lament, because I arrived home later that day to an email from a representative of Salomon, a company specializing in hiking and trail running shoes, offering to send me a pair of their Fellraiser trail shoes to test out.  I immediately agreed, and eagerly awaited the arrival of my new shoes.

When my shoes arrived, I fell instantly in love.  I even wondered initially how I’d ever bring myself to get them dirty!  They are rugged and sturdy, yet still girly enough to make a momma who runs in the mud in her spare time feel fashionable. The purple and mint green design is visually appealing, yet you can tell from holding them that these are shoes that mean business out on the course.


The Fellraiser’s are lightweight and very comfortable. The shoe itself fits like a glove, and provides cushioning that makes your foot extremely comfortable while not adding additional weight.  They are specifically designed to provide quality grip in both mud and snow.

Since receiving them, I have had the opportunity to test them out in several different style mud and obstacle races, and also took them out for a 10 mile trail run.  Each race they have impressed me, as their performance is stellar.  Their grip while climbing muddy slopes and shimmying up ropes has been a godsend.  After slogging through water, they drain quickly and efficiently to prevent heavy, sloshy shoes that weigh down running on dry ground.  During trail running, they maneuver turns and attack hills with stellar performance.  And if that’s not all, they are incredibly comfortable.

photo (7)

Long story short, I love these shoes.  And now that I’ve been spoiled with such a fantastic trail shoe, I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to go back to simply running in my recycled road shoes.  So if you ever find yourself shopping around for a trail shoe that’s not just dependable, but also sturdy, comfortable, and good looking, look no further than the Salomon Fellraiser, I guarantee you won’t regret your decision.


A huge thank you to the folks at Salomon for providing me the opportunity to test out such a great pair of shoes!  It is greatly appreciated!

7 thoughts on “{Product Review: Salomon Fellraiser Trail Shoe}

  1. So I’ve been contemplating getting trail shoes… especially with the coming move to Colorado – i foresee more mud and trails in my future. As I’m not quite as lucky to get a free pair I was looking at the other options on their website… how did you find the sizing? Same as running shoes? (I wear a size larger in running shoes than regular shoes.)


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  3. I think this review was made for me. My past two pairs of half marathon shoes have been Wave Riders. I also just bought some Fellraisers (as pictured) for my first savage race which is June 13th. Thank you for the review! ps- I have had ankle issues in the past. Wondering if I should wear a brace on my ankle (one of the soft ones) that day.


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