{Extreme Nation! A New Breed of OCR}

I’m excited to announce that I have officially signed on to represent the Mud Endeavor elite female team at the upcoming Extreme Nation Race!

Extreme Nation is an exciting new style of obstacle race, hosting a shorter, more compact course that is packed full of obstacles. Created by the vision of elite obstacle racer Hobie Call, the 1.5 mile course will boast around 22 obstacles, all within the view of spectators, making this event
incredibly exciting for family & friends of participants to watch.

Racers have the option to create an elite team of 4 to battle other teams on the course in hopes of winning prize money, or they may register for an open heat to participate individually or with a team of any size to test out their abilities on the course. This is not just a race for the elite runner, but is a unique “colosseum” style race for people of all athletic abilities to challenge themselves.

I’m looking forward to the challenge of this unique and innovative race! I know that there are high hopes for this race, with the ultimate goal is to eventually bring obstacle racing to primetime television.

Be sure to check out more information about this event by clicking here. Registration is still open for elite & open heats! Don’t miss out!




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