{New Year. New Resolve. New Me!}

Since losing 50 pounds in 2011, I still occasionally find myself slipping back into old habits. Eating larger portions, indulging in more sweets & fatty foods, & drinking more high calorie beer than is necessary, or healthy.

Recently I realized that the pounds were slowly beginning to creep back on, and I was becoming more and more uncomfortable in my own skin. My clothes were becoming tighter, I was more self conscious, and I just didn’t feel as good as I usually did.

It was time to make a change and get back to practicing what I preach. So even though I’m not one for New Year’s Resolutions, it was high time I made one. I was not going to waste everything I’ve worked so very hard for.

Since we rang in the New Year, I’m eating healthy again, have cut out alcohol, and have kicked up my workouts a notch (who’s up for two-a-days?!?). My hubby has even made a commitment to getting healthy, and we’ve enjoyed a few date nights spent out hiking with our rucks instead of bellied up to a bar. It’s fun!

Think all of that can make any difference in just a few weeks?

Well I don’t know… What do you think?


Well I’m feeling great again, and I’m so happy to have committed to being a healthier human against. Not only for me, but for my family, and for you, my readers!

Keep working hard on your own resolutions, and 2014 will be an amazing year of positive change for you!

I’ll stick with it, and I hope you do too! Happy (belated) New Year!


5 thoughts on “{New Year. New Resolve. New Me!}

  1. Holly, I am so happy I started following you on FB. Your story is truly inspiring! My husband and I do OCR’s here in Tampa and I am training for my first Gasparilla half marathon. I could not have read this at a better time. The holiday weight crept on this year and I just can’t seem to shake it (typed as I crunch on pretzel rods in bed, something I would normally never snack on!) Your transformation over this past month has been amazing. What sort of nutrition plan do you follow?


    • Hi Karen! You’ll love the Gasparilla 1/2, it’s a great race, & the medal is awesome! I’ll be there too! Good luck to you!

      As for nutrition, I typically have a protein or breakfast shake in the morning, protein bar for snack, salad for lunch, and nuts or something small in the afternoon. For dinner I simply watch my portions. I honestly think that cutting out drinking beer has made a huge difference. I love a good craft beer, and was in the habit of having 1-2 a night, which then typically lead to snacking. LOTS of extra calories there.

      Hope that helps! Good luck to you!!


      • Thanks! I cut out the wine this past week and already dropped 4lbs!!!!

        I’m really excited for Gasparilla. I’ll keep my eyes peeled for you!


  2. Great job Holly! You are one amazing chick! I had Taco bell last night! My stomach has been so upset since then! It’s crazy how your body reacts to unhealthy things after you have had healthier habits! Back on track.. Now if I could only wake up to get to the gym! lol


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