{Product Review: Transform Headphones by Soul Electronics}

Since I began running a few years ago, I’ve always run with a pair of basic earphones that I’ve owned for years, not thinking twice about trying anything different than what I was already using.  It had never occurred to me to test out different styles of headphones or earphones, but when I was contacted by the folks at Soul Electronics, I happily accepted the opportunity to give a new product a try.

Just days after I was contacted by Soul, I received the my new headphones, the Transform.  Now if you’d asked me prior to testing these headphones if they were something I’d ever personally choose to wear, I would probably have told you no.  Actually, I know that I would have said no.  I’ve never been particularly interested in headphones, as I assumed their size and full ear coverage would be bulky and downright irritating.  Well I am so very glad that I was given the opportunity to give the Transform headphones a try, because they have given me a whole new perspective on wearing headphones, and how they truly can be a great asset for any athlete during their weight training, running, and anything in between.


The Transform headphones are absolutely amazing!  To begin with the sound quality is fantastic.  They can take any pulse-pumping workout song, and amplify it to a whole new level to give your workout a great energy boost.  Not only that, they are lightweight, breathable, and incredibly comfortable.

My main concern when first trying them was that they might bounce around a lot when I used them for running.  Not the case at all.  My first test with them was for an 8 mile training run, and I did not have to adjust them once.  Much to my surprise those babies stayed right where I put them! And with convenient audio control positioned along the cord, as well as a clip to fasten the cord down during workouts, these headphones create a worry-free audio experience for any workout.

I now swear by these headphones, opting for them over my old earphones any day (my hubby has even been stealing them for his workouts!).  And with all of the use they’ve been getting, another great feature is that the ear pads are easily removable to be washed, so there’s no need to worry about bacteria after those extra sweaty workout days.  I absolutely love their convenience, their awesome sound quality, and their great design!

Soul Electronics, you’ve made a believer out of me!  From someone who would never have tried athletic headphones, I’m now a huge fan that may just be hooked for life!  Thanks for the opportunity to fall in love with your great product!  If you are interested in checking out all of the great products that Soul Electronics has to offer (headphones, earphones, speakers, and more!), click here.  I recommend that you give them a try, I can guarantee you’ll be impressed!



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