{Spartan 30 Day Challenge: Pushups}

Alright folks, Spartan Race has begun yet another 30 day challenge! And the challenge for the month of April is… Push-Ups!

The task is simple: Beginning today, all you must do is complete 30 push-ups each day for 30 consecutive days.  You can complete them all at once, in sets of 10s, 5s, or even split them up over the course of the day.  It doesn’t matter, as long as you commit to doing them.

Today I started the month right, and initiated the challenge by completing my first set of 30 push-ups! And not only am I going to be churning out a daily dose of push-ups, but my hubby has also committed to taking on the test as well!  We’re going to hold each other accountable, and won’t end the day without ensuring that we’ve each completed our task.

Will you join in on the fun?  Simply accept the challenge on Facebook (just click here), invite your friends. and once you’ve finished signing up and sharing… drop and give me 30!!!

So good luck Spartans, have fun, get others involved, and enjoy the awesome results once your 30 days are up.  AROO!


Click here to get more information about the #spartan30 movement.


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