{Review: Obstacle Race Training}

It’s extremely exciting to see obstacle racing growing at such a rapid pace, and as it continues to increase in popularity, there has been a recent influx of written publications exploding into the market, enticing newcomers with their tales of a sport that so many already love.

One such book, recently released by Margaret Schlachter of Dirt In Your Skirt, is a book called Obstacle Race Training.  This book provides an essential guide for anyone looking to train for their next race.  And whether you’ve run 50 obstacle races, or are anxiously anticipating your first, the book is packed with information that will leave each reader eager to lace up their trail shoes and tackle some obstacles.


Not only does Margaret share the story of her own personal journey, but she also includes training plans, nutrition tips, an array of photos detailing out many recommended body-weight exercises, advice on what to expect the day of the race, and testimonials from other racers as to how they came to love the sport of OCR.

The book is engaging, relatable, educational, and provides great insight into the realm of all things obstacle racing.  If this book doesn’t convince you to sign up for an OCR the moment you set it down, then nothing will!

Obstacle Race Training is available on Amazon.com, check it out here!



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