{Mud Endeavor 4: A Local Favorite}

I’ve written about Mud Endeavor before, several times actually.  I could probably be as bold as to say that it’s my favorite local race, and it has earned this respect for very good reason. The obstacles are solid, the courses are well marked and extremely well thought out, and the races themselves are challenging enough to make an elite racer truly work for their placement on the final roster, while still providing an intensely fun playground fit for the everyday weekend warrior.

The recent edition of Mud Endeavor was no exception, as they returned to their site of origin, a motocross track in Brooksville, Florida.  This location is Mud Endeavor’s bread and butter, as the venue provides a landscape which provides the perfect combination of steep muddy embankments, rolling hills, and waterlogged valleys.  Rolled together, these factors aid in creating the perfect venue for a unique race filled with awesome elevation changes, muddy twists and turns, and probably the most spectator-friendly event in existence.

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Being the third time that I’ve had the pleasure of running at this fantastic venue, I was excited to arrive and realize that the course was yet again completely different from the prior visits I’d made.  The time and attention that is paid to the meticulous design of each course shines as runners plunge through muddy pits, scale cargo nets and steep embankments, and scramble over walls.

I lined up with my fellow competitors for the first wave of the day, and tackled the course head on with the determination to dominate the 3.8 mile task laid before me.  The competitive wave brought forth an intense challenge, and the elevation changes doled out it’s energy-sucking demands on our endurance.  And after an intensive battle, I triumphantly crossed the finish line, 4th overall woman of the day to finish and 2nd in my age group.

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But although Mud Endeavor provides an awesome challenge for those wishing to race competitively, this race will always be one that reminds me of just how fun an obstacle race can be.  Shortly upon arriving back from my initial run, I headed back out on the course to run with my husband and a few friends.  And as much as I love the thrill of competition, my second lap was an absolute blast as we splashed in the mud, laughed with glee as we careened down the awesome slides, encouraged each other as we took on difficult obstacles, and simply enjoyed each others company all while enjoying every moment of one of our favorite past times.  It was great to get out, get dirty, and have a absolute blast!

We finished that wave with sun kissed faces, mud caked in our hair, and wide grins on our faces, giddy over the achievements of the day.

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Mud Endeavor will be returning in July with their ever-anticipated night race, which boasts an awesome obstacle race set under neon lights, which a killer party vibe.  Check it out!  I know that we’ll be there!

Thanks again for yet another solid racing experience Mud Endeavor!


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