{A Week Away}

A few years ago my husband’s family began a tradition of gathering together each summer for a week of relaxation, rejuvenation, and reconnection. With members traveling from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Georgia, not to mention my own small Floridian family, all 17 of us meet together in a tiny, rural town of Virginia with the intent to spend the week tucked away from the hustle and bustle of daily life, simply enjoying each other’s company and the peaceful atmosphere of the sleepy country setting.

Personally, this year’s trip proved to be very much needed, as the recent stress of daily life has slowly built up to the point of nearly overwhelming frustration. A disconnect from work and social media was needed, as the constant, incessant demands of an unrelenting schedule had left me feeling drained and honestly quite frazzled.

I needed a break, a social detox of sorts, and I craved quiet.

The week was spent enjoying the company of family, my 6 nephews, and the escape from the noise of the city. And as I now prepare myself to be immersed back into the rhythm of daily life, our car marching forward, mile by mile toward home, I cling to the lingering sense of calm that only a brief escape from reality can provide.

Like a heartbeat, life keeps pumping forward, and I’ll be ready to jump back in full force come Monday. Until then, I’ll enjoy my last couple of days of vacation quietly respecting the peace that accompanies a brief disconnect from the world.




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