{The Courage to Conquer a Championship: Spartan Race Magazine}

As the 2014 Spartan World Championship quickly approaches, thousands of anxious participants are finding themselves engrossed in the rigors of training for the race of a lifetime. From the first time Spartan to the experienced elite racer, each person has their own set of goals, hopes, and fears when it comes to taking on the highly dreaded, yet immensely respected race which Spartan fans call simply by it’s foreboding and quite aptly given name, “The Beast”. It’s an event which holds the threat of bringing as many victims as it is able to, to their knees, preying upon the ill-prepared as though empowered by the destruction it seeks to inflict. And in it’s own twisted fashion, the course takes on a life of it’s own, snarling menacingly at all who dare confront it, determined to chew up and spit out any who dare advance upon its hellish inclines and daunting terrain.  

To read the rest of my article, click here for the August edition of Spartan Race Magazine.



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