{Race Entry Giveaway: BattleFrog Series}

All right everyone, it’s time to give away an entry to another great race! For anyone familiar with OCR, you’ve likely heard buzz about BattleFrog, one of the most recent additions to our sport, and an event that is quickly gaining the respect and admiration of obstacle racers everywhere. Now as you know, I’m a Spartan Race girl at heart, but I love to support my entire OCR family, and plan to check out what BattleFrog is all about next spring when the race series comes to central Florida.

With that said, I’m excited to throw out a free entry to any BattleFrog to one luck reader! But not only that, I also have a Tadpole entry (kids race) to give as well!

The giveaway begins tonight and will end one week from now, I’ll announce the winners on my Facebook page next Friday. Click the links below to enter, and good luck!


BattleFrog Race Entry: a Rafflecopter giveaway
Tadpole Race Entry: a Rafflecopter giveaway



10 thoughts on “{Race Entry Giveaway: BattleFrog Series}

  1. I’ve just started my OCR journey/career so I don’t have a whole lot of experience under my belt…just one Spartan Sprint and a Super Spartan. My favorite obstacle is anything that gets me muddy. **Mud and Muscles**


  2. I am mostly a Spartan race, and also a huge fan of hog wild they both out on solid events! I love to hate the javelin haven’t stuck one yet but my favorite obstacles are the ones that hog wild throws at us. I am alas a pure runner I devote most of my training to endurance running and use that to power me through OCR.


  3. Battlefrog was a great event with great people, I ran their first race in Atlanta. I do ocr for the challenge, not a big fan of running and I love love the obstacles. ive found that doing ocr give me more of a goal to work towards in the gym… my son is 7 months old, I did my second spartan sprint at 3 weeks post partum and will be completing my trifecta later this year. Ocr isn’t for everyone, but those that enjoy it, love it!


  4. Favorite obstacle huh. Probably the rope climb. It’s one that took me a while to complete but now it’s such a great feeling making it to the top and hitting the bell.


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