{Spartan Race Recap: Virginia Super}

There was no sunrise to behold from the mountains of Wintergreen Resort the morning of the Virginia Spartan Race. No awe-inspiring sign of goodwill was to be had from Mother Nature, as it seemed the mountains were proclaiming a warning for all who approached the sprawling venue. An eerie fog had settled on the mountaintop, and a rainy mist descended on a desolate course, which had been meticulously marked out and was deviously awaiting its opportunity to break as many as possible, daring anyone to step foot on its treacherous pathways. It was as though the skies knew the impending battle of man against mountain, and thus created a concealing shroud upon the course, perhaps to provoke a sense of foreboding for those arriving to race. Obstacles hid beneath a dense cloak of fog, maliciously concealing the challenges ahead, and a thick vapor camouflaged the steep terrain which was about to be forced upon nearly 9,000 participants. The Virginia Super, coined a “Mini-Beast” by the evil-genius yet immensely respected mastermind course designer Norm Coch, had finally arrived for it’s second event.

Interested in reading the full recap? Click here to read the rest of my review, published in the September issue of Spartan Race Magazine.



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