{Women of Spartan: Ladies Run!}

We live in a society in which grim statistics reveal an unnerving escalation in the percentage of people who are obese, sedentary, and living with disease. The sheer volume of individuals who are allowing their lives to slip by with no inclination of striving toward a healthier lifestyle is staggering. In addition, we reside in an age in which convenience supersedes quality, and where the majority of food available to us has been loaded with copious amounts of chemicals and artificial additives. Our culture prefers to eat food that has been fried, salted, and loaded with preservatives instead of food that is fresh from the garden and provides us with natural, wholesome ingredients. Long story short, the current health of our society is spiraling downward as the combination of a lackadaisical lifestyle and flippant attitude toward nutrition has become the social norm.

Yet with all of the negative statistics revealing the steady decline of a once healthy nation, there is one beacon of light that shines bright among the evidence of an otherwise dark, depressing reality. There is a movement which has been rapidly increasing in popularity over the past several decades, and it provides us with a shred of hope for nation that is contrarily apathetic. What is this passion that has been discovered by so many people? Well it’s nothing other than the tried and true, yet often easily overlooked exercise (likely due to its complete and utter simplicity), running!

Want to read more? Click here to see the full article, published in the September issue of Spartan Race Magazine.




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