{Elite Athlete Feature: TyAnn Clark}

Amesbury Sports Park, a self-proclaimed “Outdoor Gravity Park” in Southeast Virginia, has furnished the venue of an epic Spartan Sprint over the past couple of years, and it provides an event which is guaranteed to allure the top Spartan Elites to its rolling playground. 2014 was no different, as an impressive crowd of lean, chiseled athletes gathered together, anxious to explode onto the course and compete against one another for the glory of the podium.

As each contender found their place within the starting corral, TyAnn Johnson Clark sought inward as she struggled with the deep emotions of supporting a close friend who had lost a one year old child earlier that week. This race was not just any competition, this race was an outlet, a way to release the waterfall of sadness, shock, and hurt that had been welling inside her for days. Once sent forth, TyAnn channeled this emotion, determined to earn her podium win for a child who would never be provided the joy of running.

Just short of an hour later, TyAnn cruised across the finish line, a victorious second place and less than a minute and a half behind first place elite Spartan, April Luu. On that day TyAnn not only championed a top finish for her own personal accomplishment, but she had run for so much more. It was a bittersweet accomplishment, one that will not soon be forgotten.

Want to read more? Click here to see the full article, published as the feature article in the September issue of Spartan Race Magazine.



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