{Corinna Coffin: Vermont Championship’s Podium Newcomer}

Over the past three months, Corinna Coffin has exploded onto the Obstacle Racing scene as one of the most recent additions to the Spartan Race circuit. Despite experiencing her first Spartan Race as an open heat runner just last year at the Virginia Super in Wintergreen, Obstacle Racing was still an afterthought until recently, when she returned to run the Wintergreen event again this August. This year she opted to toe the line with the elite wave, eager to test her athletic abilities against the Pro-Team members who had arrived to compete. After claiming the third place spot on the podium that day, a spark was ignited, and Corinna showed up to podium at two more Spartan Races before taking on the Championship in Vermont; this, only the 7th Obstacle Race she had run to-date. Amid a group of seasoned Spartan elite athletes, Corinna took to the field with the hopes of claiming a top ten finish. What she did that day was not only earn her place in the second overall spot for elite women, but she has solidified herself as a force to be reckoned with on the Spartan course.

Interested in reading more? Click here to be directed to the full post on the Spartan Race blog!



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