{Stress & The Spartan Spirit}

It happens to the best of us. Life gets hectic, pressure builds, we feel pulled in a million directions by the constant demands of work and home. Then, before we have a moment to realize the epic struggle with which we are internally wrestling with, we suddenly find ourselves embroiled in a mental battle dictated by frustration, angst, and resentment.

In short, we get stressed.

We all deal with stress differently. Some internalize their emotions, regressing into the confines of their own mind to sort through the barrage of negative feelings which seek to derail the delicate balance of a happy existence we all seek to maintain. Others explode outwardly in a flurry of colorful yet frantic behavior, desperately seeking a release from the pressure bearing down on them. Neither way is better or worse than another, yet neither way feels comfortable either, as we desperately seek a light at the end of the narrow tunnel which feels as though it is constricting us, gradually removing the joy from life.

Interested in reading more? Click here to be directed to the full post on the Spartan Race blog!


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