{This is WOR: The Women of Obstacle Racing}

Shortly after 2014 had arrived with all of its pomp and circumstance, a group was created by Texas natives Elizabeth Rivera and Elizabeth Martinez (they call themselves “Liz Squared”) with the powerful and eye-catching name, “This is WOR: Women of Obstacle Racing”. Almost immediately droves of women began discovering the community, and excitement buzzed as those joining were thrilled to have found a women-focused group which dedicated itself to women of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds, and athletic abilities. The women joining the newly created community discovered a place which provided them the support, encouragement, and motivation they were longing for, and to-date, the group is nearly 11,000 members strong.

I eagerly reached out to Elizabeth Rivera with the hopes of learning more about what had prompted the creation of WOR. The response I received was not only inspirational, but was presented with passion, dedication, and devotion by the women spearheading this group. To be honest, I’m not certain that I could better describe the passion that is WOR better than the women who are the driving force of the group so I decided to share the responses I received.

Interested in reading the full interview with Elizabeth of WOR? Click here to see the entire article on the Spartan Race Blog.



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