{South Carolina Spartan Race Weekend}

Puffs of chilled air from the bated breath of eager racers filled the early morning sky at Carolina Adventure World this past weekend, as thousands of runners poured into the sprawling venue. A much anticipated Reebok Spartan Race weekend had finally arrived for thousands of anxious participants, with a 12 mile Beast dominating the day Saturday, and a 9 mile Super on Sunday; and while many tackled both days, most found the challenge of one day more than enough to quench their appetite. Impressive numbers earned their Trifecta this weekend, and a near perfect forecast created the ideal atmosphere for many victorious Spartans to proudly earn their medals.

The elite battle was intense, as men and women podium contenders pushed themselves to their limits. The course dished out miles of rolling hills strewn with rocks and roots, creating a technical runners course which required that racers pay careful attention to foot placement as they pressed onward. The brisk cold of the early morning created an additional challenge as elites had to battle frozen fingers and stiffening limbs on unforgiving obstacles.

Interested in reading the full review? Click here to view the full article on the Spartan Race blog!



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