{A “Fit” Out of Water}

Spartan’s come in all shapes and sizes. We come from an array of different backgrounds, and we have vastly different life experiences. We have different jobs, different ways of training, different ideals, different passions, and different struggles. Not only that, but we all have very different support systems as well.

There are some of us who live our lives enveloped in a circle of family members and friends who are fitness fanatics. We were raised to embrace a love of athletics, participating in sports and committing to fitness has always been the norm, and the thought of NOT living an active lifestyle centered around health is unfathomable. But there are also those of us who embark on our fitness journey alone, with few surrounding us who possess an understanding of our dedication to fitness and health. Today, I write for those who might feel that their choice to pursue fitness and health is not only misunderstood, but at times is even frowned upon by those closest to them.

When a person has not been raised within a social hierarchy which promotes the ideals of quality nutrition along with a dedication to fitness, it can be very difficult to come to the decision on your own to take the first step toward changing your life. Instead of a cheering section, you may instead simply get weird looks from those closest to you. Instead of encouragement, you get shrugs and questions as to why you would embark on such an impossible quest. Some people will most likely tell you you’re crazy, some may even tell you that they believe you’ll fail. It’s difficult for those who do not invest an interest in healthy living to wrap their brains around your choice to make a positive change in your life.

Interested in reading more? Click here to read the full article on the Spartan Race blog.


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