{Temper, Temper – Training Your Emotions for Spartan Success}

What kind of person do you envision when you hear the word “Spartan”? I assume that, in many cases, this word conjures images of powerful warriors with rippling muscles, fierce determination, incredible power, and  likely, you may also view these warriors as individuals who are brimming with angry aggression. Yet although the typical depiction of the ancient Spartan might portray an enraged soldier, ferociously fighting to protect a way of life that was held in highest regards, the modern day Spartan might just find that containing the fiery temper that burns within to be advantageous to their success not only on the course, but also in life.

Life is not always easy. We all know that. Whether at work, home, school, or in recreation, unexpected circumstances which are completely outside of our control arise all of the time. Some of these instances present themselves as pleasant surprises, while others leave us in shock, desperately grasping to find a sense of understanding as to what has just caused an upheaval in our comfortable existence. It’s not easy to take dramatic life events in stride, as stress, frustration, and anger seek to overwhelm us. Finding calm in the storm of life, and learning how to roll with the waves takes an immense amount of emotional maturity, but learning to correctly funnel your negative energy could quite possibly be the final piece in the puzzle of gaining success, on the course and in everyday life. How we choose to deal with life’s tricky situations is incredibly important. It’s easy to allow stress and anger to overtake us, to make us want to fight our way out of the discomfort, to react irrationally, and to vent our frustrations at anyone who crosses our path. However, this sort of reaction is counterproductive to our success, and can end up causing more negative emotions than a calm, rational approach ever will. In short, losing your temper over circumstances you have no control over never helps anyone, especially you!

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