{5 Tips to Stick with Your Spartan Goals in 2015}

If you’re like many American’s, I’m guessing you probably committed to new goals when the New Year was born. As one year ends and a fresh one begins, we often find ourselves reflecting on the good and bad moments of the prior year, while we also set our sights on new aspirations which are full of hope for a memorable and exciting new year. Whether you call it a resolution, a goal, a shift in focus, or a commitment, I’d like to bet that you probably have some sort of idea knocking around in your brain, reminding you that committing to a fresh start is just the ticket to an amazing, unforgettable 2015. Not only do many of us commit to new goals, but the primary ambition of the majority of us is to become more healthy and to improve our overall fitness. Sound about right? It’s a great goal, and one that so many of us make with the resolve that this year, this time, we won’t quit. Unfortunately, year after year, statistics show that most of us will find that our passion to change quickly fizzles and dies out, and we settle all too easily back into our standard existence, promising that next year will be the year we truly make the positive change we so desire.

Well let’s break that horrible cycle shall we? Let’s commit to change and make it happen! Are you hoping to shed weight, build muscle, lose inches, or simply gain confidence through feeling more fit? Or perhaps are you already in great shape, but you know a better diet would take you to the next level you seek to attain? Here are a few tips to help you Spartan Up and stay focused on your fitness goals in 2015, with the hopes that you will approach the end of this year feeling proud of your accomplishments.

Interested in reading my tips for a successful 2015? Click here to read the full article on the Spartan Race Blog!


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