{Winter Waist-land}

My most recent blog post, originally written for & published on the Spartan Race Blog.

Shortly after the New Year begins and optimistic resolutions have been enthusiastically proclaimed, it seems as though our modern day Hallmark holidays morph into endless celebrations filled with indulgent temptations which immediately assault our innermost resolve to commit to a healthy diet. Brightly boxed cookies, cakes, chocolates, and pies taunt you from every direction, and just when you think you are safe, groups of eager Girl Scout’s stand stationed at every store entrance imploring you to purchase yet another box of their delicious their cookies. No matter where you look it seems as though high calorie, sugary treats are beckoning for you to indulge in them. But wait, it gets worse.Not only must we endure the onslaught of indulgences enticing you to partake in their sinful allure (if it’s gluten free, that means it’s healthy…right?), but these temptations also conveniently arrive at a time of year when the cold of winter drives many of us indoors and reaching for our favorite comfort food and drink. In addition, freezing temperatures and shorter days can make the thought of leaving the warmth of our home to get out and train sound downright miserable. Which means just weeks after we’ve resolved to make this the year that we will finally achieve our health and fitness goals, we instead pack on weight as we endure the winter by way of sweaters and sweets.


If you are determined to stick with a healthy diet and maintain your fitness goals with the objective to avoid the early demise of your healthy resolutions, don’t succumb to an all-too-easy encounter with winter weight gain. We encourage you to keep the following incredibly easy tips in mind as you seek to stay on track through the seemingly endless blur of cold weather and cookies.

Get it out of the house. Don’t want to have to worry about constantly staring temptation in the face? Get your cheats out of the house! Hiding them in a corner cupboard won’t cut it, because even though the old adage states “out of sight, out of mind”, that doesn’t necessarily always work. Having your favorite cheat in close proximity is sure to prove to be too much of a temptation. And as difficult as it may be to pass by that table of sweet schoolgirls and their four dollar boxes of delightful confections without purchasing a box (or two, or ten!), you’ll be proud of your choice to say “No Thank You” when your taste buds begin tingling once you return home.

Now, get yourself out of the house. You heard me. You’ve purged your cupboards of cheats, but you also need to get motivated to get your butt out of the house as well. With early sunsets and bone chilling temperatures the norm (can I get an #EFFNORM?!) this time of year, sweat pants and warm beds are immensely more appealing than rosy cheeks and runny noses. As much as you may dread leaving your cozy abode, remember your resolutions and commit to sticking with your training goals. Just because you can hide additional pounds under extra layers of clothes, doesn’t mean you’ll have that option in just a few short months. Instead of regretting poor choices easily made in the winter months, stick to your guns and keep your workouts flowing. Trust me, you’ll be happy you did.

That’s easy right? Just two simple things to keep in mind as we finish up our final few weeks of winter. Warm weather will be here soon, so hang tight, eat right, and keep chasing your goals. You’ve got this!


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