{The Mane Event: Tips to Tame Your Tangles}

I’ve seen the question posed time and time again by frustrated women who are struggling with how to properly handle the epic and rather disastrous OCR tress tangles. Sweat, mud, dirt, and pond water can wreak havoc on long locks, making post-race de-tangling a complete nightmare. So what’s an OCR fanatic to do when we willingly subject our fringe to these elements on a frequent basis?

As a dedicated Woman of Spartan I feel your pain, it took me a while to learn the tricks to properly manage my own long hair without completely drying it out to the point of being a brittle hot mess, or from returning post-race to comb out clumps of knots and tangles. Here are a few easy tips to maintain your mane and keep it in tip top shape both on and off the course.

15_04_18_Kirk_HR_Vegas_0007Keep your pony loose.

One of the easiest ways to break your hair is by pulling it back much too tight. When tearing into an intense workout or tackling the Reebok Spartan Race course, be conscious not to secure your pony too tightly or you may end up with wispy remnants of what were once luxurious locks.

Embrace the braid.

Braids are amazing when it comes to running, working out, and participating in OCR by helping keep all of your strands secure and tangle free! Mastering a french braid will eliminate the concern over hair being pulled too tight, but if that’s a bit too tricky for your tastes, a braided ponytail will suffice.

Hair tips for female athletes

Photo Credit: GameFace Media

Skip the shampoo.

As much as you may not want to hear it, washing your hair on a daily basis will only result in dry, brittle, lifeless hair, so don’t do it! Many fitness fanatics fear what skipping the shampoo after an intense workout might do, but there are methods you can use to freshen your locks without being forced to soak, lather, and rinse. What’s that you say? The answer is easier than you think. Dry shampoo or baby powder are the perfect products to soak up sweat and grease, while also diffusing any unwanted scent. Stick to washing every other day, and using dry products as needed in between to keep your hair fresh, hydrated, and beautiful.

These easy tips will help you reduce broken and tangled locks, all while successfully maintaining a beautiful, healthy mane without the risk of having to sacrifice your sweat sessions and muddy escapades.

This post was originally written for and published on the Reebok Spartan Race Blog.

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