{Race Entry Giveaway: Spartan Race Hawaii!}

As the world rushes off to the movies to watch the newest edition of the iconic Jurassic Park movies, we have been once again reminded of the mystery, the beauty, and the allure of the gorgeous island where the fearsome creatures are set loose to terrorize unsuspecting tourists.

Why do I bring up Jurassic World on a blog centered around obstacle racing? Well, Spartan Race is heading to the exact location where the movies were filmed, Ahupua’a State Park on the gorgeous island of O’ahu,ย to host an epic Spartan Race Hawaii Trifecta event on August 15th, 2015!

Here comes the exciting part… I have three race entries to give away! Those who win will be able to select whichever of the four events (Sprint, Super, Beast, or Ultra Beast) they’d like to race!*

The giveaway begins immediately and will end at 12am next Monday, June 22nd. I’ll announce the winners on my Muddy Mommy Facebook Page, so stay tuned! Good luck and mahalo!

***Spartan Race Hawaii Giveaway! Click Here to Enter!!***

*Race entry is covered. Insurance must be covered and paid for by participant.

Spartan Race Hawaii

4 thoughts on “{Race Entry Giveaway: Spartan Race Hawaii!}

  1. Running a Spartan Race in Hawaii would be the ultimate treat. A Spartan Race is always an adventure, but being in a tropical scene that brings on thoughts of Jurrasic Park makes it more extreme. The Spartan Races are always a challenge, but being on a rugged volcanic landscape in the heat makes the challenge even more satisfying to complete. Yet the thing I would love the most about competing in a Spartan Race in Hawaii is: the like-minded people I will be surrounded by. These people planned a vacation to race a Spartan Race. These people will spend a good amount of money on plane tickets, hotels, and race entries just to experience the thrill of overcoming the obstacles. I would be so excited to have a “Spartan Family” vacation with these people.
    The relaxing beach post-race will be nice too ๐Ÿ˜‰


  2. A Spartan Race Hawaii giveaway?! I would have to end up picking up like three jobs just to afford the flight and lodging to Hawaii, but it’d be worth it… I’d just make it part of a training plan ๐Ÿ˜›

    I would take the time to enjoy this race, and do all the fun things that make Hawaii unique before and after the race. I would likely run it with a GoPro to catch the views as well. Maybe throw a little coconut bikini and grass skirt action in my running attire. ๐Ÿ™‚


  3. Great way to enjoy the thrill of the run, and a variety of scaled downed obstacles. Mission of Spartan Race is to inspire children to develop a love for fitness at an early age.

    Thanks for sharing…


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