{Guest Post from Modernize.com: DIY Backyard Toys}

DIY Backyard Toys

This summer you’re encouraging the kids to get outside and enjoy the backyard. With these simple DIY toy ideas, they’ll have plenty to do. From playing with a tetherball to getting soaked by a PVC kidwash, your entire family will get addicted to these fun DIY backyard toys.

Backyard Toys, Modernize.com

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A Mobile Tetherball

You couldn’t visit a park twenty years ago without seeing a tetherball set up. These days, unfortunately your children may not even know what this game is. To rectify that, simply install your own tetherball in you backyard. This is a quick and easy DIY that will last a lifetime and offer lots of family fun. Style With Cents blogger Janette Church installed a mobile tetherball using an old tire, concrete, a steel fence post, a tetherball with string, rocks, and a sheet of plywood. To create one of your own, lay an old tire onto a sheet of plywood, add your vertical fence post, and fill the tire with concrete. You can use rocks to hold the fencepost up. Make sure it’s level and leave it overnight after it gets hard enough to stop holding it in place. Purchase a tetherball with string and place it inside the fence, using the fence cap to hold it. After that, you’re ready for a game!

Toy Fishing Pole with Magnetic Fabric Fish

Do you remember those magnetic little fishes that went around in a circle and you had to pick up with a magnetic plastic fishing pole? This is kind of like that, only designed for outside! Make It & Love It is a blog that shows you all different DIYs. This one is easy for any beginner sewer and is ideal for toddlers. All you need are fabric “fish” with magnets sewn into them and a dowel rod “pole” that has a magnet at the bottom of a string. Cami, the author, goes into details about how to create a fishing pole that reels in, but I’m not sure that’s necessary for this easy DIY. All you really need is a fish pattern, which can be found online, sewing materials, a wood dowel, and a cork. Cut out the fish fabric and sew two sides by hand or on a machine. Make as many as you’d like and add a magnet between each set of fabric. When it comes to the wooden stick, all you need to do is attach a string with a cork at the bottom. Hot glue a magnet onto the bottom of the cork and your kids can go fishing in the backyard!

DIY Backyard Toys, Modernize.com

Via Modernize

River Rock Tic Tac Toe

This simple DIY will only take a few minutes but will offer fun for hours. Keep your children busy by having them paint ten found rocks two different colors. You’ll want five with one color and five with another. The other items you’ll need include small wooden square dowels which are painted white. Once the rocks are painted, place the square dowels in the grass to form a tic tac toe board. Give each opponent their five rocks and you’re ready for a fun game of Tic Tac Toe! Jen Sadillo, blogger of Eighteen25, suggests making sure the rocks are clean and and adding white polka dots on top of the paint once it’s dry!

DIY Backyard Toys, Modernize.com

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PVC Sprinkler Toy

When it’s getting hot, the kids want to spend as much time playing in water as possible. This quick DIY will keep your kids cool and occupied! All you need is PVC pipe, a drill, a saw, measuring tape, a pen, and PVC cement. With directions from Instructables.com, you can assemble a “kidwash,” which is basically a PVC pipe formation that spews out water on top of your kids. Picture a door frame, only made with PVC pipe that has water coming out toward the middle. When you walk through, you’ll get soaked. Once the PVC pipe is formed, you can add it to a water hose for endless hours of fun. The water will spew out of the holes you create using a drill. Who knows? Maybe even you will want to walk through it a few times!
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