{OCR People Are Awesome: Charity Photo Shoot & 2016 Calendar}

This weekend I’ll be heading up to Gator Mud Run in central Florida for a fun Saturday spent racing as well as participating in a photo shoot for the “OCR People Are Awesome” 2016 calendar! This calendar will showcase 24 fantastic Obstacle Racers (12 men, 12 women), and I am excited to be representing the month of July.

Not only will this calendar totally rock, but the proceeds are being donated to Hope For The Warriors, a non-profit organization which “provides athletes of all abilities the opportunity to engage the competitive spirit at endurance events. Warrior Team members are provided adaptive equipment and race support to ensure that they are defined by their achievements rather than by their injuries.”

We are excited to put together a great calendar showcasing just how awesome the people of Obstacle Racing truly are, and the obstacles of Gator Mud Run will provide the perfect setting! If you are interested in supporting Hope For The Warriors by purchasing a copy of the calendar, click here.

We appreciate any and all support!


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