{Mud Titan 4: A Family Friendly Experience}

Fall racing season in Florida has returned! After enjoying a quiet summer centering our weekends around training, yard work, and poolside relaxation, my boys and I were eager to get back out and race together as a family. So what better way to kick off the racing season than to head out to a local event which has always been a favorite of ours, right? Bring on Mud Titan!

Florida Mud Titan OCR Mud Run

Mud Titan has been steadily gaining popularity as a solid local event, and this most recent installment was one of their best races to-date! The course was well laid out, providing a mixture of wooded trails and swampy fields to traverse. In addition, there were many unique and challenging obstacles scattered along the winding three and half miles. Yet it’s not just the course and obstacles that make Mud Titan such a great event, as notably one of the best aspects of this race series is that it is an incredibly family-friendly OCR. This fact was easy to witness from the moment we arrived, as the festival area was filled with excited kids anticipating their romp in the mud with Mom and Dad. A test climbing wall and rope climb area provided the perfect play area for tiny Titans to test their skills, and the atmosphere was buzzing with an air of excitement throughout the day.

Having decided to forego running competitively, my boys and I embarked out onto the course shortly after the elite wave was sent on their way. The race began with an immediate splash through a stretch of water, giving runners an early glimpse of the saturated course they were about to experience. With a mild morning free of the oppressive humidity of summer, we had a blast splashing through water, taking on obstacles as a family, and enjoying the gorgeous scenery of the Central Florida woods.

Florida Mud Run

It was fun to witness Mason’s own personal growth at this race as he fearlessly climbed walls, crawled through mud, carried logs, and even made it up the warped wall (the highlight of his day!). Despite becoming a bit upset when he was unable to flip a tire and complete box jumps by himself, we improvised during a few of the obstacles so he was able to complete most of them on his own. For difficult obstacles that he’s still a bit too small to tackle, Mason grabbed our waterproof camara and snapped photos as Adam and I completed the task at hand.

At the end Mason sprinted ahead of us, racing to the finish line to collect his medal. He was so proud of his accomplishment!

Mud Titan Obstacle Race

While I have heard rumblings about possible cheating in the elite waves, our experience running as a family was great! The soggy course was a lot of fun, obstacles seemed sturdier and more well-built than past Mud Titan events, the medals were awesome, and the event seemed very well organized. I typically hear complaining of some sort when I run an open wave of an Obstacle Race, but I have to say that I did not hear any negativity during my time out on the course. Everyone truly was having a great time!

If you are looking for a fun, family-oriented event in Florida, Mud Titan is hands-down one of the top events I’d recommend you check out. Thank for another great event Mud Titan! My family and I have made some of our best OCR memories at your events, and we can’t wait to take on the next installment!


Mud Titan MudRunFun


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