Product Review: OS1st Compression

It seems as though most runners who commit to any amount of long distance training and racing will inevitably discover a deep love of compression sleeves of all shapes, sizes, and lengths.

I am no stranger to this phenomenon, having immediately recognized the benefit of donning quality compression – both during and post run – not long after my first long distance venture. I’ve tried multiple brands, splurged on fun patterns, and gained a rather impressive collection of calf sleeves and socks over the past few years.

While recently researching new compression gear, I came across the following photo on Twitter and immediately fell in love:


I had never seen leg sleeves quite like these; boasting a design built to compress the legs and feet but keep the toes free. I instantly imagined donning them post-race with my favorite pair of flip-flops, and was convinced that we were a match made in heaven.

Just a few short days later, I received my very own OS1st compression leg sleeves, along with a knee sleeve and foot sleeves… to say that I was ecstatic to try them out would be an understatement. With several major races in my immediate future, proper compression would be a must, and I was confident this product would provide just the relief I needed.


The first test arrived in the form of a 10K road race. Although the distance was not significant, my current shoes have been causing a decent amount of arch and ankle pain (time for an upgrade!), thus creating the perfect opportunity to test out the OS1st foot sleeves. The sleeves, originally created to assist with Plantar Fasciitis pain, fit snuggly over the ankle and foot but do not cover the toes – think of them as fingerless gloves for your feet. Magical right?

So… I was interested to see if the foot sleeves would reduce pain and aid in running comfort. Think they did?

I’m happy to report that I felt no foot discomfort throughout the entire 10K, which lead me to decide that it would be wise to wear the foot sleeves during an upcoming 13 mile Spartan Race. And while I did experience a shoe blowout during the Spartan Beast, there was no foot pain, discomfort, cramping, or irritation to be had. These babies really work!


Pairing my OS1st Foot Sleeves with Athletics8 Compression & XRacewear = a perfect running combo!

In addition to this experience, I’ve also recently had several of my longer OCR events scheduled rather closely together. Post-race recovery donning my new leg sleeves has been nothing short of blissful, and I adore the fact that I can easily wear them with flip-flops, all while gaining immediate recovery benefits while mingling in the festival area of my favorite races (let’s be honest, no one wants to put on a full compresion sock and have to squeeze their feet back into running shoes directly after a race… am I right?!?).


Lounging in my OS1st Compression Leg Sleeves

My OS1st Compression products have quickly become one of my favorite go-to items, and since they offer compression for the knee, foot, wrist, elbow, and calf there’s truly a product available for any runner’s needs!

Interested in checking out all that OS1st has to offer? Click here to get more info and get shopping! I am a big fan of their products, and am confident you will be too!


The folks at OS1st were very gracious to provide me with complimentary products to test (thank you!!), however the opinions stated in this review are solely my own and I am not being compensated in any other way for my comments. 

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