A Spartan Scandal: The Annual Pass Conundrum

Well, Spartan Race has gone and done it again; made a business decision without consulting all of the passionate Obstacle Racers who obviously know how to run a company better than they do…

As you may have heard, Spartan Race increased the price of their Annual Pass yesterday (gasp!), subsequently causing an uproar that has spread like wildfire throughout the OCR community.

While any sort of price increase is initially difficult to swallow, this specific instance has resulted in a slew of outbursts on social media. The OCR world has exploded with anger, spite, and righteous indignation, with many otherwise faithful Spartans vowing never to run an event again.


As I witnessed this debacle unfold, I was tempted to simply grab a bag of popcorn and remain a silent observer of the drama, however I’ve decided that perhaps it might be beneficial to break down the numbers in the hopes that some of the bandwagon activists might take a step back and assess the fact that this price increase may not actually be the end of the world as we know it.

Here’s the deal.

Spartan Race now offers 3 options for those wishing to run more than 1 race in a calendar year.

1 – Regional Pass

Run 3 races in your designated region. Congratulations, you’ve earned a Trifecta!

This package is $259, which translates to $86.33 per race.


2 – Destination Package

Run 6 races in the US and receive a free spectator pass. Whoopie, a double Trifecta is yours!

This package is $499, which translates to a nearly identical rate if compared to the Regional Pass at $86.16 per race.


3 – Annual Pass

This package is designed for those wishing to run 7+ races in a calendar year, however Spartan realized that many who purchase this pass are not simply going to stop at 7 races, and will instead be striving for 3 or more Trifectas.

So let’s say that you want to go for the triple Trifecta and then call it a day (keep in mind there were a large number of racers who earned many more than 3 Trifectas in 2015). At the new rate of $699, a triple Trifecta breaks down to $77.66 per race, PLUS you receive free bag check and your free spectator pass.


So I ask you this… is the rate increase REALLY that awful? Or are many of those who are angry (perhaps I might even go as far as assuming that some of these unhappy folks might not have been interested in purchasing an Annual Pass to begin with…) simply jumping on the bandwagon?

Let’s chat, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on the matter.


Spartan Annual Pass



3 thoughts on “A Spartan Scandal: The Annual Pass Conundrum

  1. I actually agree with you that $699 can still be a good deal. Spartan Race is a business. They are created to make money. Raise your price for the annual pass if you need to without my permission. I’m okay with that. I am simply frustrated that there was no warning and opportunity to buy at the $550 rate. This is a marketing nightmare for Spartan. If they would of had a warning to buy before December 22, they probably would’ve had a flood of purchases. As it is now, my guess is that a lot of people, due to their feeling of betrayal, deserved or not, will not be buying one. I was definitely going to buy one before, but now it might be too big a chunk of change to lay down right now. I still love Spartan races, but wish that out of respect for their racers they would’ve just simply given us fair warning.


  2. I ended up getting the 3-pack regional and the BF 3-pack. Since these race series overlap in locations, I save on travel (also BF covers parking, which will in the end make this strategy cheaper than the Spartan 6… I think).

    I was looking forward to the annual pass and should have purchased earlier when I was supposed to. I can justify a lot of things but that is just a bit more than I can do right now. I’m sure there is some reason for the hike, and I have no idea what went on behind that decision/. And people going for the 6-pack will still benefit from a deal. It is what it is.


  3. My issue with this is that all of the 2015 Races aren’t even set yet. I live in the Southeast and didn’t have a trifecta available when I signed up for three races (took advantage of Black Friday sale). They are getting the pricing ahead of the availability. And if everyone wants to be 100% honest it’s most likely the pending Spartan Challenge show is either pushing them to require funding or they believe that show will push more people to race and are looking to increase revenue. I’m not a hardcore OCR runner so I can’t drop $700 for racing. In 2017 I’ll most likely do more xterra runs or local OCR courses.

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