Beginning A New Chapter

Hi. It’s been a while.

I decided it was time to pop in for a quick update, as I’ve recently become concious of the fact that my writing has been rather sparce as of late.

There is a very distinct reason why I’ve recently taken a step back from writing. You see, the recent months have lead me through a few unexpected, rather unwelcome changes. Changes that have forced me to say farewell to some very cherished chapters of my life.

Change is rarely easy to swallow; it’s human to resist it, despise it, even run from it. Yet as is common of anyone’s life experience, things rarely remain in a static state of existence for long. At times these shifts in our lives are exciting and rejuvinating, and at other times they hang over our head like a little black cloud, determined to extinguish any hope we might hold for our future endeavors.

IMG_3981 (1)

In late October 2015, I was notified that the company I had been working for would soon be sold. However not only would we be acquired, but the Dallas-based company who was purchasing us would be closing our office, thus eliminating our positions.

To say the least, this news was devastating.

I loved my job, I respected the company and its values, I adored the people, and I was incredibly sad to be forced to leave it behind. Begrudgingly I began seeking new employment.

To add insult to injury, in the midst of dealing with the realization that my dream job was coming to a premature end, I decided that the time had come to part ways with Spartan Race.

So there you have it. Both of my jobs, ended. Change Is ComingSeeking new employment proved itself to be frustrating, as no job seemed quite as wonderful as the one that I was leaving. And while I enjoyed my nearly two years writing for Spartan Race, recent changes in management had left me feeling completely burnt out. It was time to move on.

Due to this mixture of circumstances, my motivation to write, to race, and to share my usual tales of inspiration waned. I focused inward on my own personal situation, and simply sought to trudge ahead while I prepared to close the doors which required closing, and sought to discover where my next chapter in life would begin.

I’m not quite there yet. Landmark Apartment Trust was officially sold last Wednesday, and tearful goodbyes were said as the 40+ associates in our office made the first step in moving on in separate directions. I am grateful to have been asked to stay on temporarily to assist with the transition, however the empty cubicles and dark offices make our once vibrant office seem desolate, a reminder of the flame that is slowly being extinguished.


I will be moving on to a new opportunity very soon, and once settled I’m certain that my passion for writing, racing, and sharing the joy of living a healthy lifestyle will soon return. Until then I’ll keep pushing onward.

There is a light at the end of every tunnel, and each door closing always provides an opportunity to move on to new, exciting, unimaginable adventures. I’m looking forward to my next chapter, and am confident it will be just as incredible as the one I’m leaving behind.

I’ll see you on the other side of that door.



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