Spartan Fit, Summer Agoge, & a Free Race Entry!

Obstacle Racing, a sport which was once considered an obscure obsession of the radical, has now become a mainstream sensation. For those of us who were introduced to the sport in its infancy, it is thrilling to watch as OCR finally becomes what we had only dreamed it could be; a legitimate, respected sport.

Obstacle Racing has finally begun to realize its full potential, and it’s been a long time coming.

So let’s talk about Spartan Race, a race series which has been at the forefront of the Obstacle Racing movement for several years; an event which continues to strive forward as an innovator in the OCR world. With that said, it should come as no surprise that in just a few short months Spartan Race will be releasing a new inspirational training book, as well as introducing a one-of-a-kind, grueling Spartan Agoge event.

Let’s start with the book, according to, Joe DeSena has written a sequel to his first book “Spartan Up!” which provides readers with an simple, yet straight forward method to “Transform your mind. Transform your body. Commit to grit. No gym required.”

Intrigued? There’s more. The new Spartan Fit books will also provide:

  • A 31-day workout and diet plan to prepare for the Spartan Sprint — or to just get you in ultimate shape
  • Full-body workouts requiring no gym and no weights
  • How to build fitness levels from one race to the next
  • Inspiring, motivating stories of Spartans

Excited to check it out? I am! Be sure to pre-order your copy here.

Let’s move on. This summer Spartan Race will be hosting its Summer Agoge, a unique endurance challenge created to test mental grit and physical strength in the hopes of building self-confidence and inner-strength. The event will be hosted in Pittsfield, Vermont on June 17th, and is guaranteed to provide a life-altering experience. For more information, or to commit to the challenge, click here.

Finally – and here’s the best part -I have a code for a free Spartan Race to give away! Eager to earn your Spartan medal this year? Click this link and follow the steps to be entered to win. The contest will end next week Wednesday, April 13th, & I’ll announce the winner on my Facebook page on Thursday, April 14th. Best of luck!


6 thoughts on “Spartan Fit, Summer Agoge, & a Free Race Entry!

  1. I’ll use the entry for the Seattle Beast for the trifecta. Can’t wait for the challenge of that terrain in October. I’ll have to get that book. I’ll need any edge I can get.


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