Product Review: SmashPack

Weekends are busy, whether attending a race, at the gym, or simply out running errands, it’s easy to find yourself starving with no healthy snacks in sight. If you’re anything like me, it’s likely you have snacks stashed in your car, bag, purse, or pocket, however it can be tough to find between-meal treats that aren’t jam-packed full of chemicals, preservatives, and, well… unhealthy junk.

Enter SmashPack.. Admit it, if you have kids you’ve probably grabbed one of their on-the-go applesauce pouches for a quick energy boost- they’re pretty tasty! Well, SmashPack has created a fruit pouch geared toward the active adult, filled with 14 grams of high quality whey protein, 1 serving of real fruit to help quickly restore depleted energy levels, 5 grams of healthy fats to aid in reducing inflammation, and a great list of clean ingredients. Not only that, but SmashPack pouches are also soy and gluten free!

“SmashPacks are the next evolution of specifically designed performance and recovery nutrition made from real foods – not chemicals. Professional athletes, at the pinnacle of physical fitness, fuel their performance with real food and so should you.”

With no concern of crushed protein bars, unnecessary chemicals, and empty calories, SmashPack provides the perfect option for the on-the-go adult. I personally loved the Mixed Berry flavor, and found it to be the perfect mid-morning snack to get me through till lunch.

You can find these delicious snack pouches online at and, or at Target, Wegmans, and other great retailers! Check them out!

Holly Joy

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