Spartan Race Contributions

In April 2014 I was thrilled to sign on with Spartan Race to become a Marketing & Editorial Contributor for Spartan’s blog and monthly magazineIn addition, I’ve had the pleasure of helping to support the many women of Spartan Race by providing motivational articles which are primarily focused on the women of our great sport! Spartan Race provides an outlet for an amazing and ever-growing group of like-minded women, and it promotes the ideals of living an active, healthy lifestyle by providing a safe and supportive group where women can feel comfortable sharing their successes, struggles, fears, and even failures. We provide support, inspiration, and encouragement in an environment that accepts everyone from the elite athlete, to the beginner just finding her way as she commits to living a healthier lifestyle. In the end, no matter our shape or size, we are Spartans, and this sisterhood bonds us together in a very unique and special way. As I’ve written:

“Spartan women are dedicated to experiencing life to the fullest by committing to becoming healthy, and strong women. The Spartan community of women exists to support & encourage each other as we each strive toward our individual health & fitness goals. We are strong, we are beautiful, We Are Spartans!

It’s a pretty sweet gig if I say so myself! I adore being part of a such amazing and inspirational organization, and am thrilled to be an instrumental part of spreading inspiration and motivation to so many Spartan’s worldwide!

Interested in reading the posts I’ve written for the Spartan Blog?  You can check them out here!

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