{Product Review: Reebok All Terrain Thunder}

A little over a year ago, Reebok released the All Terrain Sprint and Super, a new line of OCR-specific shoes which were applauded for their cutting edge technology which featured a lightweight upper combined with a rugged sole and innovative water drainage ports. Yet while many avid Obstacle Racers have selected these Spartan Race inspired shoes as their footwear of choice, the design has also hindered many runners from enjoying them due to their ultra-narrow design and minimalistic approach.

Enter the next generation of All Terrain OCR shoes, the Thunder. Reebok realized that while the Sprint and Super serve a great purpose in the OCR world, there was also a need to produce a shoe which would be aptly constructed for a wider variety of runners. So they stepped up their game by creating a fresh All Terrain shoe, one they were certain would be a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

Reebok All Terrain Thunder

When I received my pair of the All Terrain Thunder, I immediately took note of their sturdy, yet still incredibly lightweight, construction. I was thrilled to see the new speed lacing system which replaces the standard laces of the original design, and the wider toe box along with ample cushioning foretold of a trail and OCR shoe which promised to yield impressive results to the everyday obstacle racing fan.

With a couple of weeks to spare before my next race, I decided to take my pretty new shoes out for a spin in my very own backyard obstacle course. I scaled our 8-foot wall and climbed the rope with ease, pleasantly surprised by the stronger-than-expected grip of the underfoot lugs. To be completely honest I was expecting a mediocre traction experience, so when my feet locked solidly into position as I shimmied up the rope, I realized that these shoes may just be the game changer many runners are seeking.

After my brief test-drive in our backyard OCR, I was finally able to truly test the performance of the All Terrain Thunder this past weekend at the Central Florida Rugged Maniac. Running through grass, mud, sand, and ponds provided the perfect conditions to experience the stability, comfort, drainage, and execution of the shoes, while tackling the many different obstacles gave great insight into the traction and overall performance ability that these shoes possess.

I have to say that I feel one of the best compliments a person can give a running shoe is by stating that they barely notice their footwear at all. When your feet are comfortable, and your shoes perform as they should, this frees your mind to focus on what matters most; proper pacing, obstacle completion, and running the best race you can possibly run. I’m happy to say that these shoes truly provided me this luxury, and the sheer fact that they did not preocupy my mind as I sought a fiercly competitive finish, makes them a quality addition to my collection. My only critique is more of a personal preference, as the shoes themselves are almost too wide for my liking, and I prefer a more narrow shoe, similar to that of the All Terrain Super. Yet despite this minor partiality, I have to say I am quite fond of the Thunder, and fully intend to wear them through many of my future races.

Running in the All Terrain Thunder at Rugged Maniac

Interested in checking out the Reebok All Terrain Thunder but need a few more details? Here are some specs that may help provide a little more insight into the makeup of this shoe:

  • Seam-free upper and soft tongue make it light, airy, and easy to clean
  • Low-cut design for a focus on mobility and freedom of motion
  • C51 low-profile midsole foam for stable and responsive cushioning
  • 7mm drop encourages midfoot striking for quicker transitions
  • Joined rubber over anatomical flex grooves improves spring back at toe-off
  • Underfoot sprint web enhances propulsion
  • Highly segmented speed tread improves ground feel and traction
  • MSRP: $124.99

If you are looking for comfortable OCR or trail shoe which provides quality traction, drainage, and plenty of support in a lightweight frame, the All Terrain Thunder could very well be the shoe for you. Check them out and let me know what you think!


Disclaimer: Reebok was gracious enough to provide me with a pair of shoes to review. All opinions stated in this review are solely my own.

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