{Tap N’ Run}

If you have ever thought that beer and running don’t mix, the originators of Tap N’ Run would like to prove you wrong.

This crazy 4k run is a raucous good time that is more about dressing up in ridiculous costumes, drinking beer, and having a blast with your friends than your standard road races. Although chip timed, there is no competitive edge to this race encouraging anyone to “win”, and the short length (2.5 miles) makes it easy for runners and non-runners alike to participate.

Being a beer advocate, and also someone who is always up for a fun themed race, there was no question when I discovered Tap N’ Run that this was a race I had to do. I eagerly signed up, we selected the team name “Smarty Pints”, and began planning our costumes for this zany race.

The day prior to the race, I had the awesome opportunity to join Michael, one of the event and marketing coordinators for the race, and another fellow racer on Channel 10 to promote the approaching event. We donned our costumes, and rocked the news representing teams Smarty Pints and R 2 Drink 2 (our spot was sandwiched between segments on oncology and Romeo & Juliet mind you, had to add some humor in to spice it up right?).


Race day arrived and we excitedly donned our best nerd attire, and headed down to the race. I have to say that for being a fairly new race, those running the show have it down pat! Everything from packet pickup, to getting wristbands, to the beer stations and course markings were very well organized. Race participants received several informational emails prior to race day, and volunteers were very well informed and helpful. All of this adding to an overall smooth and seamless system, which makes the day more enjoyable for all participating.

Many participants came a bit early for a pre-race beer (or two), and the people watching began! We saw everything from superheroes to cross dressers, we saw crazy wigs, fake boobs, butts, beards, and mustaches (on men and women), hilarious (yet sometimes gross) applications of fake body hair, there were men in diapers, and women in hospital gowns; pretty much any crazy costume you can think of was there! We were no exception to the amusement, and proudly displayed our amazing nerd costumes!


Race time came, and I watched as the first wave raised their beer, chugged it down, and ran off! Waves were sent off about every 5 minutes, giving those lined up time to grab their beer, get settled in the holding area, cheers, chug, and go! Although we were scheduled in the 3rd wave, we ended up in the 6th or 7th wave, but it honestly didn’t matter too much since timing was not a concern. The main objective of this run really was just to drink beer, get your awesome medal, and then party!


The race itself was hilarious! There was great music throughout the race; we danced, we sang, we stopped for photo ops, we just had fun! I give kudos to the race directors for not serving cheap, light beer (which is what I expected). Each “chug station” had a unique, craft beer to surprise our taste buds! The race was also well marked, well staffed, well organized, well done! It was great! If you can’t tell, I was very impressed with how well put together everything was! There were also many photographers and videographers throughout the race, as well as at the pre and post-party, so there is guaranteed to be many great shots of the entire experience!


We finished our run, got our final free beer, and watched in amusement as people got on stage to compete for “Biggest Hot Mess”, “Shortest Shorts” (which has yet to be won by a female mind you), “Best Mustache”, and several other hilarious awards. The merchandise tent had a great selection of t-shirts, tank tops, running shorts, and fun costume accessories to aid in continuing the fun!

So, as you can probably tell, we had an awesome time! And if Tap N’ Run returns next year, you can bet I’ll be there! If you are the kind of person who enjoys costumes and beer, do this race!! You don’t even have to like running, because this race is guaranteed to be a good time!


Thanks for a great day Tap N’ Run!! I hope to see you again next year!


(Did I mention the personalized bibs and medal that doubles as a beer bottle opener!?! Awesome!)

3 thoughts on “{Tap N’ Run}

  1. So where is this race? Looks like a ton of fun. Beer drinking and running, just a match made in heaven. all of my drinking friends have running problems! LOL, love the pics. I think some of those folks would have been arrested for those costumes in Boston! LOL


    • It’s all over actually! And growing! If it comes your way, definitely do it!! All of the costumes were hilarious, and there were many many hilariously inappropriate ones as well. 🙂


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