{The Final Countdown}

This year has been full of countdown’s. Countdown to my first 1/2 marathon, countdown to vacations and holidays, and countdowns to lots and lots of awesome races. Today is no different. In one month I will kiss my 20’s goodbye and enter a new decade of life. I thought I’d be much more distraught over turning 30, but as this year has marched on, I look back and realize that turning 30 is just a number, and not an ending of an era as some people seem to look at it.

Today I can tell you that in the past year I have found a true passion in life, I’m confident and strong, I’m striving toward a healthier and happier me everyday, and I’m pretty thrilled to be entering a new stage in life with so many good things to look forward to! It truly is not the number that matters, but instead I look at the experiences that I’ve been so fortunate to have, the ones that I hope to have, and I plan to continue making many awesome memories through racing that, when I grow old, I will look fondly back at the unique experiences I’ve had the pleasure of living.

So, bring it on 30, you don’t scare me in the least.

Here’s some other great countdown’s I currently have:

17 days…TOUGH MUDDER! Woo! I’m really looking forward to tackling this challenging run for the 2nd time. I was in decent shape last year, but I’ve worked so hard since then that I plan to blow last year’s performance out of the water! Bring it on Big Mudder! Muddy Mommy’s coming for you!

And then in 3 months, I become a Spartan. This I am incredibly psyched for! I have wanted to run a Spartan since I’ve heard about these amazing races, and I will finally get my chance in February 2013. Not only do I become a Spartan just once in 2013, but I get to try each level of awesomeness (Sprint, Super, Beast!), and prove to myself that I am capable of so much more than I ever would have dreamed. Trifecta here I come!

Now, before I sign off, I must say that despite my excitement and anticipation for all of these great things, I also do my best to savor each day, enjoy the moment, and love the life I live in the time that I am in, since you never know when life will throw you a curveball. Hopefully there’s none of those in my immediately future though, fingers crossed!

So, to whatever you may be counting down to, whether it be a big race, the holidays, a birthday or anniversary, or any milestone, enjoy the excitement, relish in the moment, and go out there to make an amazing life memory!

Have a fantastic day! Your almost-30, multiple mudder, Spartan chick. Almost. 🙂




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