{Battle of the Holiday Bulge}

With the holiday season in its final days, many Spartan’s find themselves fighting a very different battle than they do the rest of the year. Instead of crusading against obstacles, terrain, mud, and burpees, we find ourselves instead fighting a battle of ever-waning will against an onslaught of chocolates, pies, cookies, and a gamut of delectable sweets that have invaded our homes and our workplaces. No place seems safe from the temptation of guilty pleasures, which is why so many of us find ourselves in a post-holiday shocked stupor, wondering how we let down our defenses so easily.

Instead of wallowing in the despair of a few extra pounds, it’s time to get back to business and widdle our middle back to the happy, confident place we so desire. A place which doesn’t cause us the stress over feeling bloated and gross, as we inwardly chastise ourselves for being so weak. The end of the holiday’s means it’s time to ditch the mental yo-yo we willingly put ourselves through as we cycle between “Oh my gosh this tastes SO good!” and “Oh my gosh I feel SO disgusting!” It’s time to put an end to the holiday madness, it’s time to reclaim our sense of self-control.

Interested in reading more? Click here to read the full article on the Spartan Race Blog!



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