{Guest Post: 5 Ways to Play With PVC Outside}

In a world consumed with television, video games, and tablets, it is increasingly important to let our kids get outside and play. Parents can demonstrate how to get creative and use their imagination by building unique toys that your kids can enjoy.

You have probably seen PVC pipe and fittings at your local home improvement store, and you likely associated them with various plumbing projects. But did you ever think about how versatile the material is? PVC pipe is durable, inexpensive, and easy to access. Most importantly, it can be transformed into a variety of entertaining structures and toys. Here are five ways PVC pipe can be used to keep your kids playing outside.

1. Bow and Arrows

PVC Bow and ArrowWith some PVC pipe, dowel rods, duct tape, and a few other materials, you can assemble your child’s very own set of bow and arrows. Not only will your kids learn ingenuity as they watch you transform basic supplies, but they will also get to practice and demonstrate patience as they learn how to shoot the arrows at the designated target.

2. Water Shooter

water shooter toyOne of the best things about summer is getting to play in the water. Creating your own water shooter toy is as easy as assembling some PVC pipe and a pool noodle. The end result will allow your kids to be silly outside and cool off at the same time.

3. Sensory Table

watertableA sensory table made from PVC pipe is a great way to keep your children engaged outside. Simply fill the table with sand, water, toys, or other mediums to keep the little ones entertained.

4. Bicycle Car Wash

Tricycle Car WashThe kids in your neighborhood will be rushing over to your house after they see your bicycle car wash. It’s a great way to cool off and clean up those big wheels, tricycles, and bicycles. You can make it colorful with pool noodles too!

5. Kids Car Garage

kids car garageThis one is more about organizing outside play toys, but can still be fun! Even though your children don’t yet have their driver’s licenses, your yard or garage can be full of their bikes, big wheels, tricycles, and other riding toys. To organize them all and keep them from getting damaged, you can build a storage unit out of PVC. Your kids can help you build it, and even work on their parking skills once it’s completed.


Written by Ashley Boswell, contributing writer for Modern Industrial.

Modern Industrial carries a range of industrial supplies, with a focus on plumbing supplies ranging from standard PVC pipe and valves to PVC furniture fittings that are made specifically for furniture and structure-building types of crafts. They also carry more specialized Schedule 80 CPVC Fittings for serious commercial uses. Visit Modern Industrial’s website to learn more.

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